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March marks the end of the Fringe Benefits Tax year. Don’t forget to take note of closing odometer readings for any cars you own which are used by employees (including yourself) and provide these to your accountant. Good record keeping around fringe benefits provides the best opportunity to minimise any potential taxation liabilities. Have a look at our FBT checklist to determine whether you may have a fringe benefits issue for 2017.
March also offers a good opportunity (after the March BAS preparation), to start considering your potential tax position for 2016/17. This should provide ample time to plan any steps aimed at minimising tax for 2016/17 before the 30th June.

The 2017 financial year is the last year to take advantage of small business accelerated depreciation rules, so if you are considering asset upgrades in the near future, check out the info below.
We would love to see as many people as possible at our Superannuation Seminar coming up on 23rd March. The past (and the next) six months have seen some of the biggest changes around superannuation for a long time. Feel free to come along for a quick but informative session on what these changes mean for you.
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